Window help in Seattle

jbaumgaDecember 5, 2009

I have a dozen windows to replace and I need some help.

First off, I have 22 year old double pane aluminum Milgard windows in the house. They seem to be reasonably efficient but a few have broken and a couple just sweat constantly throughout the winter.

Given the tax rebates and good prices, I figured now was as good a time as any to replace them.

A couple of questions for the group:

1. Am I nuts?

2. If I replace them, I would like to go with vinyl or fiberglass. The price seems to be about $100 a window different for a higher end vinyl product. Can anyone help me understand if there is a DOWNSIDE to fiberglass vs. vinyl?

3. If I go with fiberglass, does anyone have a recommendation for the best window (especially for rain)? I have looked at the Milgard Ultra and the Marvin Integrity Ultrex so far - they are about the same price but Milgard has more options (like casements).

4. If I go with Vinyl, does anyone have a suggestion? I am looking at the Milgard Tuscany line but would love pros/cons.

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I just joined today because I was researching penguin windows and there is another post on this forum I will be posting to. My daughter just got windows from Penguin 4 bedroom, 1 bath and a slide glass door window for $19,000, I don't know how she got talked into it but I'm working to help her out of this mess and have penguin pick up their windows after I show her how to have someone do a home remodel. Basically get 3 or more bids from window installers, don't let the other company know the price of a previous bidder but let them know they are competing with other installers and you will let them know if there price is acceptable the next day, just get them out of the house before you make a decision. Then research the company online if my daughter would have spent 30 seconds online she would have seen scam all over the internet about Penguin windows and it basically about pricing. So just beware and take your time. An example of pricing difference milliard windows for what she needs will cost about $220 bedroom, $99 bath and $900 for the sliding door, these are triple pane, argon filled windows and a ball park figure for window and install is under $4000, compared to $19000.00 plus interest for the other company the difference in cost would never equal the amount of any energy loss. Vancouver, WA isn't the antarctic and either is Seattle. Hope this helps.

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