What size wire for double oven

ccfuss07May 25, 2013


I am having a double oven installed as part of my kitchen remodel, and my electrician and appliance guy (who is also an electrician) have given me different answers on what sort of wiring I need. The oven is a kitchenaid double convection with a minimum requirement of 40 amps. The electrician planned to use the 8 gage wire from my old stove. The appliance guy is insisting that, while that may be to code, it isn't enough and he should use a 6 gage wire. The only thing they both agree on is that I am an idiot because I don't understand their technical jargon. Help!

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Ron Natalie

Assuming we're talking copper and the distances are not in the hundreds of feat, 8 gauge is fine. There's no good reason to use larger wire.

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The appliance guy, who also claims to be an "electrician" sounds like the typical type who doesn't know the code as well as he should and over compensates for it by over doing everything.

His absurd statement "while that may be to code, it isn't enough" proves this.

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Thanks for the responses- this is a big help, and a money saver too!

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