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midwestmamaNovember 18, 2009

We went with our builder today to look at windows. His brother is a regional repair guy for Windsor Windows and speaks highly of them (he's not in our region, so he's not cashing in from that) They use Windsor Windows almost exclusively in their builds here. They also tout that they are locally built (we're in Des Moines, Iowa) But then again we have Pella and Jeld Wen nearby so that isn't a huge selling point to me. The major building center that we were at spoke very highly of Windsor also. Sounds great, but as I look on here and online I see many negative comments on them. Have they improved? Are their vinyl better than their wood? (One of the most common issues I see is wood rot, so if we do vinyl this perhaps is a non-issue) It sounds like Marvin is the gold standard in windows, and I would be interested in getting a price on them, but budget is always an issue too. We're looking at approx 30 double hung windows. We're leaning towards vinyl.

There seems to be SO MANY window companies it is driving me crazy trying to figure it all out.

I told the building center and the builer that I would be researching Windsor and get back to them.

Thanks for any input!

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We will be using Windsor Windows in our new home. We're doing extruded aluminum clad windows, so I don't know anything about vinyl. We looked at allthe major brands. The Marvin and Kolbe & Kolbe were very nice but a bit out of our price range.

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I have Winsor windows in my house and have had bad luck with them. They are 11 years old and must be replaced.
I know 3 other people with the same alum clad windows, they all replaced there window after 10 years. Thats why there cheap, you get what you pay for.

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I had l0 windows replaced with Windsor in my house. So far, I've been really pleased with them...they also have, if there's a problem, you should contact them.

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Looking to replace a couple gearboxes was wondering where I can go. From Madison South Dakota

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Are they Windsor windows?

If so, I would start with them.

If not, I would try the following.

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This post is a year old. I was wondering if, a year later, some of you have more to say about their experience with Windsor windows.
We are building a house and are considering using Windsor for the whole house so any feedback anyone can provide will be welcome!

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I've had Windsor vinyl casements as egress windows in my basement for three years now. They work great - no complaints at all. No leakage; open and shut easily.

From what I've read, any window -- doesn't matter what brand -- will end up with condensation if you don't have adequate ventilation and/or too much humidity in your house compared to the surface temperature of the window pane. If you keep curtains or shades pulled most of the time, it restricts airflow to the surface of the window and condensation will form in colder weather since a pocket of cooler air develops between the shade and window. This will happen no matter what the brand. I learned this from personal experience -- I have Marvin wood windows in the upper levels of my house and if I keep the shades pulled in winter, I end up with condensation and ice.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Any window will sweat in the right set of conditions.

Some, by lack of attention to detail via air leakage and thermal bridging, will be more prone but none are immune.

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+2. A tighter, more thermally efficient assembly and glass package will be MORE resistant to condensation, but as WOW mentioned, the right (or wrong) circumstances will cause any window to sweat, as it will typically be the weak (coldest) spot of any wall assembly.

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