Okna 500 vs. Milgard Tuscany

looking4windowsNovember 1, 2011

We've been getting estimates on having all of our old double-hung wooden windows replaced with Vinyl replacement.

I have two quotes. Without naming contractors or totals, the bottom line is that that Okna quote is about $1500 higher for the job than the quote from the contractor offering the Milgard Tuscany.

The job is for the whole house, approximately 20 windows (15 double-hung windows upstairs, 5 basement hoppers).

All windows will be white replacements.

I like both windows - so cosmetics is not an issue.

Thanks for any guidance or feedback. I did a lot of searching and couldn't find much about the Milgards.

I am in the Chicago area (for weather considerations).

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The Okna 500 is that much better in my opinion.

What were the U-Factors of the unit in comparison?

The Okna can be had with a double pane U-Factor of 0.25 which is superior to any double pane U-Factor the Tuscany can generate.

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You should go with the Okna no question. Not only is it a far superior window, but Milgard just shut down production east of the Rockies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milgard shutting down east of Rockies

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Thank you both for your guidance. WindowsonWashington - I will get you the U-factor numbers later today... I don't have my literature with me at the moment and don't want to mis-state anything (my memory isn't what it used to be) :).

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