Wood & Formica Dresser...Need help please!

thegokeesOctober 29, 2008

I'm glad I ran into this site. I really need help. I bought a dresser for cheap at a garage sale. I didn't realize I was in over my head after I have been trying to rebuild it basically. I have gotten it to become a great sturdy dresser but it is...


It has a white formica top and the rest is an wood painted black. I would love to put some wood laminate on it but I do not know how, if it can go over formica and if it is pricey. My budget is low. I have even heard that you can use contact paper that looks like wood...Does anyone have any advice on how to give it a laminate wood look to it? I would just stain it but the wood used is crappy. I think it's plywood not sure but it defiantly is not stain quality.

If this is impossible to achieve then does anyone have advice on a good paint that will give the dresser a nice look to it...with out being too flat yet too shiny.

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It's difficult to get traction on this question. It's not really clear what you've got to work with (no pictures, vague description) and it's not clear what you want to achieve. I have no idea what "with out being too flat yet too shiny" means. If you want to have a go at this, post some pictures.

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