chair rail /moulding - follow-up

bronxbillOctober 17, 2009

Hi everyone: Ok I removed the bottom chair rail -came off real easy because it was already removed once before as I stated above. Now I have removed all the wallpaper border but some of the backing is still there not much /tried everything - I am going to put a new wallpaper border back up then replace the bottom chair rail and the new border will now fit.

(without the backing/residue)I can use just plain water on the border the way it was made to do. But because of the backing/residue still on the wall I will have to use additional paste.

My question is what if I paint over the leftover backing etc. after of course a slight sanding to make it smooth -Will I now be able to use just the water to make the bond? Or should I use the paste to be sure?

Thanks Much


PS: I'll repost as new because of the time that went by (don't know which is the correct way to a follow up when time as passed).

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"don't know which is the correct way to a follow up when time as passed"

Find the old message and reply to it.

If the system bumps you for having already replied, change the title of the new reply slightly.

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Thanks brickeyee: for your reply below on first post I will look into the brad nailer compressor - do they also have a tool to maybe clip off the nails that are still attached to the moulding (dont want to hacksaw them off or knock them back through the top side) for fear of ruining the wood completely.
Thanks again

(Rent a brad nailer and compressor to put the molding back up.
They work much better than hand nailing ever did.
Fewer splits, uniform depth, no nail set (they countersink when they drive the nail).
I use a Paslode butane one for trim all the time.)

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