what brand of skylight might I have?? Odd size

ilmbgNovember 7, 2009

I have skylights that measure 28 wide by 46" long - this is the inside- Rough measure because the tape would not stay up and the windows are too high to get at.

The roofer thought they might be Vellux because that is the most popular brand builders use. All my other windows are Anderson 200- 25 years old. I couldn't find an Anderson skylight.. These skylights open- there are two-half size screens in each skylight so you can open a screen to open the skylight.

What other brand could these be. When someone comes out with a ladder we can look closer.


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Well you have gone 25 years without the info so what is the sudden need to know?

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What type of Flashing does the unit have step flashing or one piece curb? What does the operating hardware look like? Is it a dome(acrylic) or flat glass? Do you have any pictures available?

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ibwindows- I want to know because I am getting a new roof and want to replace the skylights.
The roofer went up yesterday and they are 'Guardian'. I know I don't want the same kind. I found 30x46 Velux at Home Depot (special order) and they gave me a price of $470 a window. I thought that was a very good price.

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roogh size of glass is 36x50

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