staircase trim

nohandleOctober 3, 2006

I'm renovating a small set of stairs that go from my basement to my main level kitchen. What I can't decide on is what to do with the trim above the stringer. Before there was just quarter round to hide the seam along the wall, but I didn't really like the way the baseboard just stopped with a square edge at the top of the stairs. But I really don't know whether it would look funny if I just continued the baseboard from the kitchen floor down the side of the stairs on top of the stringer.

Alternatively I guess I could miter a piece for the end of the baseboard that would take it down to the height of the quarter round, but I'm not sure if this would work either.

Does anyone have any experience or advice they could share with me?

I know it's only a very small detail, but it's a nagging one to say the least.


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When i need to end a piece of trim, I use a return. That is a joint made by cutting a 45 degree angle on the end of the trim as if it were going to be half of an outside corner. I then cut the opposite angle on another piece of trim and then cut thatb angle off at 90 degrees so it is the thickness of the trim. Glue it onto the first piece of trim and it makes an end corner for the trim.

A trim book/guide will show it better.

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Here's what I recently did on a basement stair. You fill in the 5/4 thick stringer stock to form the main baseboard, then cap it with a 1x2 to reduce the thickness to 3/4, then use whatever base cap you want. This is how I got away from the large flat area that is inherent when you use regular cap on top of a thick stair stringer.


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I just had some ballaust turned matching an existing stair case in an old house. My problem is the entire ballaust is round and tapered at the top how do I make both ends an angle cut and have them square up with one another I tried a jig it didn't work any ideas.

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