Trying to figure out the manufacturer GA is printed on locks.

belugacoopNovember 8, 2011

The seals are broken in some of these windows. I'm hoping to figure out the manufacturer to check on the warranty if anyone could help that would be great

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Post up a picture to start with.

Next, pull down the sash or tilt it in (if possible) and check for a manufacturers label on the non visible sections of the sash.

Pull down the upper sash and check in the upper pocket for a manufacturers label.

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GA on the sash lock means General Aluminum, which is Mfg. in Carrollton (Dallas), Tx.

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Looks like they have a 10 yr warranty on glass fogging. Depending on where you are and if there is a local distributor you may need to pay shipping on the glass and you would definitely be on your own for installation. So you should probably before ordering if you need to pay shipping get a local glazier to give you a price as well, it may end up being cheaper.

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Thanks I found the numbers, unfortunately I am past the 10 yr. warranty. I'm going to call some local companies to get some prices to fix it. They are metal windows, I'm also wondering if I should replace them.

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Can't hurt to get a quote on new windows.

Your options as far as the repair of the glass are as follows:

- get new sashes with insulated glass already installed from the window manufacturer
- get new insulated glass made and put into the windows
- contact a glass restoration company to drill out the IGUs and dry them out.

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+1 on WoW's advice, after getting a quote on new windows my feeling would be of the 3 the best would be to have a local glazier give you a price on replacing the glass in your existing sash.

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