Opinions Please/ I'm Narrowing Down Paint Colors

amck2August 12, 2014

My open plan main floor will feature floor to ceiling cabinets in the kitchen that are Plain & Fancy's Buttercream. It is very near BM's White Dove. I am thinking of doing the walls in the kitchen & adjoining areas in BM Carrington Beige. I'm leaning toward BM Simply White for all the trim.

For upstairs bedrooms I am considering White Dove for the walls and carrying the Simply White throughout for trim.

Do you think these colors, specifically the two white shades, work well together?

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Bumping this for you since there are no replies yet. I'm not a color expert, but personally, I'm not so sure multiple whites work together, unless maybe they have the same undertone. Hopefully some of our color people will weigh in!

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Thanks, kimberlykb, for the bump. I know how hard it is to offer specific color advice without attached pics, so I didn't anticipate lots of replies. I held out hope that some might be familiar enough with these paint colors to comment on whether they saw them as compatible.

We've had to move out of our home because all the bedrooms had to be emptied for ww/carpet removal and installation of new wood floors. We only get in the house at night to check on progress. Between the lack of natural light and the disarray on the main floor because of construction, I haven't been able to get helpful new photos to post.

But one thing I discovered just today is that the P&F door sample I have is not the close match to White Dove that I thought it was when I matched it up against the paint chip. When I put it up against larger samples it reads closer to BM White Chocolate.

I much prefer the White Chocolate with Simply White for trim. They both read warm white to me and seem to work better than White Dove w/ Simply White. White Dove's grey tones looked a bit dingy when they were side by side.

I'm still liking Carrington Beige next to the cab and granite samples and plan to use it throughout the main floor instead of another white.

Would love to hear if anyone here has used Carrington Beige.

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