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eoz3106November 9, 2011

I've been reading tons about windows and want to get people's opinions. It seems like everyone has a strong opinoin on this subject.

We are in Houston so it seems no one really cares about a quality window. The builder wants us to use Alenco which are generally considered junk from what I can find. He says they all use Cardinal 366 which is the best glass so why pay any more.

I've narrowed it down to between vinyl and wood. I have around 50 windows so cost does become a factor quickly. For the moment, I've narrowed it down to the following options.

All of these quotes are for a new construction, Low-e 3060 window (36w x 72h) with no installation.


Simonton Brickmould 300 - $177 Single Hung

Simonton Brickmould 600 - $223 Double Hung

Simonton 5500 - $266 double hung


Eagle Talon DH - $550

First - are these reasonable prices without installation? Second what are people's experience with any of these? Finally, any other one I should explore? I've priced Marvin and Andersen 400 which are out of my budget.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Prices seem more than competitive.

Your builder is a bit of a baffoon for suggesting that because a window has Low-e 366, "why pay any more"?

That Simonton is a solid product but I do prefer a couple of other windows over it. Make sure that you have meeting rail reinforcement as a standard for that sized opening.

In Houston, I also like the Soft-Lite window as well but they will not approach that number, even for just the materials.

Where did you get the Andersen pricing?

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Thanks WoW for the quick feedback. Between the Brickmould models I really only need SH for most of the windows, is it worth going to the 600 for other features/improvements?

As for Andersen, I just went to HD at this point. I can call a local person but I don't want to waste people's time if they are going to be out of my budget.

The one nice thing about Eagle is that all the exterior colors are standard pricing. What's your impression of Eagle?


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Eagle is Andersen if I am not mistaken but a lower model.

I really only like the 400 series in the Andersen window.

You can price out the 400 from a local lumber supplier on one unit for a comparison without wasting their time. I do appreciate your consideration in that regard and wish more folks were like you.

How do you plan on cleaning that upper sash or is the home all ground level?

If you only need the single hungs and don't care about ventilation through the top sash, I can't see any glaring reason to go with the 600 series but I am not as up to date on the characteristics of the two windows as the other guys.

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Epiarch Designs

not sure what you meant by Eagle is Andersen, but a lower model...were you referring to Eagle being a lower model?
Andersen owns Eagle, they bought them a few years ago. Eagle is considered a high end window that Andersen wanted to compete more with the custom wood/alum clad products Marvin sells. An Eagle would cost more (roughly 10%) then a 400 series. 400s are a vinyl clad wood, Eagles are an aluminum clad wood. THey have a lot more color options and custom wood options compared to the 400s.
However being as the OP is looking into vinyl, I assume they are ok with a white interior. I would suggest fiberglass products such as the Marvin Integrity or something with a glass that can be tuned to have a high u and really low SHGC numbers for your climate. I would also get casements over hung for energy efficiency, but some people just prefer the look.
I will say on the Eagle hungs, I do like their hardware. You turn the locks 3/4 of the way to unlock the window, and the remaining 1/4 pops the top out of the sash for the tilt cleaning. Nice smooth feature.
I have never been a vinyl fan for a variety of reasons, but not too long ago I gave them a deeper, harder look. Even after that, I still do not think I will be a vinyl window fan.

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Simonton is a good vinyl window & you might look at Showcase Vinyl windows, which are Mfg. in Houston. Eagle is a good wood window. For Fiberglass windows the Marvin Integrity is hard to beat. I agree with lzerarc that Casements are the way to go, but, whatever you go with, get the lowest SHGC you can.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Eagle is made by Andersen.

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After more discussions with my wife on windows, she really wants the divivded lights on the exterior to give the window more character. I got a price on the Brickmould 300 in a 3060 with SDL. It's 466! That compared to 177 without! Does that sounds right? I am shocked at the increase. I can get Eagle for not a lot more. Am I missing something? I can't believe SDL adds that much.....

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Windows on Washington Ltd

SDLs are extremely expensive and window manufacturers know that if you want them, you will pay for be prepared to pay.

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