see what you guys think these tiles are ..I think glass

huggybear_2008November 15, 2008

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They are vitreous glass tiles... where did you find them? They are great!

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A lady was selling them on Craigs List and I got two large wooden boxes of them I have not counted them, but there are tons of them.. She received them from someone who worked on a department store in one of our large malls in Cincinnati, Ohio and these tiles were used somewhere in the store.. she did a table top like the one I posted and hers was awesome.. I have enough tile to last me for a long time.. I got both boxes for $20.00 It was a great buy I thought..
So now I will buy the right kind of nippers to cut the tiles with..I do not know anything about tiles.. but I thought they were really pretty.. What is vitreous tiles???

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You got a great deal! Now make something wonderful! Here is a definition/description of vitreous glass tile:

"Vitreous glass tiles
Vitreous glass tiles are thin, square mosaic tesserae. One side is normally curved and ridged for better grip on the adhesive. The other face is flat. They can be cut with tile nippers and offer a wide range of colours. Advantages are the durability of the material (suitable for outdoor use), and the fact that they produce an even, flat finished surface. For these reasons they are also used as a building material for cladding and decoration." taken from "The Joy of Shards, Mosaic Resource"

Here is a link that might be useful: The Joy of Shards

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Dear Huggybear, you got an unbelievable deal! Yes for those kinds of tile, you need the Lepponits wheeled nippers. You can order them online from tile companies such as Mosaic Mercantile or Maryland Mosaics, or you can get them on eBay, or you can probably get them at local stained glass stores. The wheeled nippers are great; with them you can position your wheels in the center of the tile and make a clean straight cut almost every time. (With the ones that look like pliers, you have to position them at the edge of the tile and they will crush the glass tiles like you have - use them only for thick ceramic tile like the 4x4s that are used on bathroom walls, for instance.) Again, what a fabulous deal you got on those tiles! Make wonderful things! Post pics!

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cindiloo's cute how you think 2 boxes of tiles will last you a long time! Be warned...boxes of tiles breed boxes of tiles and then mutate to shelves of plates that then mutate again to tubs of scrap stained glass that then grow in to sheets of stained glass and on and on and on!
Those are beautiful tiles and will make a great table.
Looking forward to your W(ork) I(n) P(rogress) pics!

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thanks guys for all your comments.. I feel so much better now knowing that I did get a good deal and I am going to take my time and make something special.. they are really petty and the lady I bought them from , her table was just so I have all winter to think about what I am going to do .. I surely will not waste them, I promise.. Thanks for all your help..

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Boy Cindiloo, you are RIGHT... my glass and plates have been so busy I can barely see my work bench! LOL

Great deal Huggy, get some leps and get stick'n!

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Funny how things work out.. just so happens my son is going to retile our upstairs bathroom with cermaic tiles.. and he will be able to use my nippers there.. so I will buy the right kind to use on glass tiles.. I am glad I asked you folks about this before I ruined a bunch of my pretty tiles.. I will post pics when ever I am able to get something done.. I am in the mist of doing crafts for Xmas craft shows now..
Thanks again.. for all your help. I am sure I will be asking you guys more questions..

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