Is my wiring shortening bulb life?

byzantineMay 29, 2014

Hello! I hope this isn't a repeat question -- I tried searching and didn't find any answers. Really, I'm not sure how to search for this or really even ask this question. Here goes.

We lose a lot of bulbs. Incandescent ones, as expected, go out fastest, lasting an average of about a month or two. CFLs last a bit longer, about 5-6 months. So far, none of the LED bulbs have gone bad. However, since our electrical panel was replaced in March, 3 CFLs and 6 incandescent bulbs have "popped" right as I'm flipping the switch to turn on the fixtures.

Should I be worried?

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No. This has nothing to do with your wiring or the panel change.

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Thank you! It seemed like a nutty thing to ask, but so many bulbs going out was notable and therefore spooky.

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Which question was that 'no' referring to?

Is my wiring shortening bulb life?
Should I be worried?

Because aren't bulbs burning out quickly an indication of a possible voltage problem and should therefore be looked into?

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Have you measured the voltage then? Loose neutral?

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greg, both.

I would say it's due to cheap lamps (bulbs). CFLs IMO last no where near the stated life, and are much more susceptible to vibration than originally thought.

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