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iminmystudioNovember 13, 2009

I find with my art I tend to get rather manic I fall in love with whatever I am creating and will go one hundred miles an hour until I have exhausted all the ideas that are bouncing around in my head, some times this takes days sometimes months and at the moment I am in 'Lamp Land'.

Every where I look I see things that I could use as a lamp base, anything that has colour will suggest new colour schemes and when I'm not working on a lamp I'm collecting things for my next one, seriously I have issues I am even dreaming about lamps LOL.

So here you go, my new lamps, much smaller than the first.

These are not wired up yet so they are just lit up from behind.

This one is hundred of pieces of tiny tiny sea glass glued onto a glass lamp.

Before grout:

and grouted with black grout:

I've already started on the next one and have also started collecting shells to make one similar to the sea glass tiffany lamp but with shells, I am having so much fun!!

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Gosh I guess you're speeding along. Your lamps are gorgeous. Love them.


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Oh my, they are wonderful!
You and I sound alot alike! I don't make lamps, but I do get manic!

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They are gorgeous? I am that a way with crosses and mushroooms.I am on hold with muroom till after CH I am selling cross real good now.

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These are sooooo BEAUTIFUL. You are REALLY good at this, and know how to use the beach glass to it's best results.

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Very BeauTIFUL!!!!! Yeah I think we all get manic!!!! And know what you mean about the ideas bouncing around. Makes sleeping darn near impopssible for me sometimes!!!! Great job!!

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Great lamps and your pics are inspiring me. When looking through our boxes for the Christmas decorations, I re-found several lamp bases. I think I need to pull them out and put them on my workbench as a reminder. My only problem: How do you decide the scale of the lampshade based on the size of the base?

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Thanks guys I love getting on this forum sharing my latest work and seeing what everyone's up to, I find it really inspires me to connect with other people who are as crazy as I am about their art and realise the time, effort and love that goes into these projects!!

Chinatreasures to decide the size and shape of the shades I grabbed shades and a few mixing bowls from around the house(even took apart my daughters night light LOL) and put them on the base until I found one that I liked then used that as a rough guide. Basically when I'm making something like these I keep on telling myself "I can do what I want, it's my work there are no rules!" so to decide the scale muck around and see what YOU thinks looks good.
Cheers Deb.

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