Decorative Outside Shutters on Corners?

eldemilaNovember 3, 2010

The front of my house has 3 windows on each side, 2 facing front and one facing to the side. I'd like to put shutters on the outside of the house, but what does one do with corner windows like these?

Thanks for any help, I have't been successful in my searches on the web.

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I would consider using the same "clean slate" idea on your house as you are for the landscaping and tie your ideas together. Maybe some trellises on the walls between those windows instead? JMO, but I don't think shutters will add much to that wall.

Any shots showing the right side of the house/deck and looking towards the street? Is that a new deck? Adding a finish below that and some landscaping would make a huge difference.

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Actually, there is no landscaping to speak of. What little that you see in that picture, including that gawdy statue, is gone, was the prior owners. Really, all that remains in that area is 3 sparse rose bushes, ugly things.

The deck isn't very new, though less than 5yrs old I'm told. It's one longggg deck. I'm considering removing it all the way from the front door to where you see the white gutter downspout in the picture below, about 27 feet removed. This will allow me to have some plants nearer to the house and add some depth to the look of the house. I think it will also balance having landscaping on both sides. I'll still have some deck in the front and some on the side. More than enough for us.

I like the idea of a trellis, or a nice ornamental piece in the middle, but also would like a small tree in between those two front windows too.

I've got a thread going on the front of the lawn on the landscape forum - I've named this the "Potential House" everyone says it has a lot of potential, yet no one has any concrete ideas, including myself.

Thanks for the ideas!

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If I wanted shutters, on the two corner windows I'd put them on the outsides only. Maybe someone could photoshop them in for you to see. Or print out an image of your house and one of some shutters and cut and paste them onto the space to see how it would look. Especially if you are going to plant a small tree to grow up on that corner, it might work fine to do it that way. But then I saw this website; scroll down to corner window and narrow application pics...he has a different opinion

Here is a link that might be useful: Proper shutter placement

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Hi debelli,

I saw your post about wanting to landscape and was thinking that you could incorporate/coordinate the two together. Maybe do some things that will make shutters "unnecessary".

When it comes to "concrete ideas" I have too many. I love concrete especially for DIY's because it is inexpensive, versatile, low maintenance and fairly easy to work with.

As for ideas about exactly what to do someone would have to know more about how you use your house/property now and how you would like to use it in the future.

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