How would you finish these windows?

mearsNovember 7, 2011

I had a contractor replace some windows while his crew was residing one of my exterior walls. The finished look leaves a bit to be desired, which I kinda anticipated. I previously had a very shallow aluminum window with dry wall return and another set of vinyl windows that were just a bit deeper than the fiberglass windows I replaced all three with. The new windows are new construction style and were installed from the outside. IâÂÂm trying to figure out how to get a finished look with my new windows.

HereâÂÂs the first window: : Left Side. Window is leaning up against old dry wall return : Right Side. Dry wall return was cut back and window is more or less pressed up against the cut edge of the dry wall return. The cut isnâÂÂt very straight, so the gap isnâÂÂt uniform. : Top. Window is underneath the old dry wall return.

The bottom is sitting on top of my window stool, which seems odd.

HereâÂÂs the second window: : Left Side. You can see that the gap along the bottom is far more pronounced than the top. The drywall return is not plumb. Window is closer to plumb. : Right Side. This time, the gap is wider towards the top. Goes from being nearly perfect at the bottom, to a 3/8â gap at the top.

Third Window is similar to the second, but not as bad.

IâÂÂm trying to figure out what to do. I could probably case out the first window, but I have 6 windows that are like the second one pictured, where casing isnâÂÂt an option, so IâÂÂm probably not going to do that. The other option would be to have the dry wall returns redone. IâÂÂd have to hire that out. The other option would be to add some sort of screen moulding or other type of trim to âÂÂcaseâ out the window. IâÂÂd probably go with PVC trim. I read about a similar approach in a thread a while aback and it seemed that the consensus was that that it was tacky. So, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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Most installers would mitre cut a piece of 1/4 round to cover that rough edge and but it up right to that wall to window connection.

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