Splice wiring in a 220 junction box?

justcurious_galMay 27, 2010

Getting a new stove...old stove was hard wired into the junction box. New stove needs the junction box to be about 12 inches below the old one. And fitted with a plug. Can we splice into that wiring in the old box, cover the box, create a new box 12 inches below with a 4-prong plug (the wiring has red, black, white and ground wires).? Otherwise, if we put the plug where the old junction box is, the stove will stick out an extra 2" from the wall - the new plug would be next to a special recessed area at the base of the stove designed for accomodating the plug.

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Ron Natalie

Yes, as long as the box remains "accessable" (i.e., you just put a cover over it) you can do this. That shouldn't be a problem as I suspect the stove will just visually hide it.

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Be sure to use the correct devices to joint the wires.

Both the type of conductor (copper and/or aluminum) and the size of the conductors affect the device used.

Split bolts are a common method and require thorough taping up for insulation.

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