attic fan electrical problem

kevbocomethMay 6, 2010

i have an attic fan that is not functioning. i replaced the switch and it still doesn't work! the original switch was a carling dc101-pb-b and i replaced it with a dayton 1dgz9...nothing! had my neighbor come over and check the current at the electric. checked the breaker panel...nothing tripped. wtf is going on here? keep in mind that the power goes to the fan and THEN comes down to the switch, is that weird? please help me, i'm very frustrated and i've spent way too much time in a hot attic to lose this battle!


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Not weird. It's called a switch loop. You need to go to the fan next and see if you have power there. Fan vibration could have caused a connection to come apart.

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I guess it wasn't the switch then. How did you check for a tripped breaker, by looking at them? It seems you don't have the tools or experience to handle this. Did you know there are people that fix things like this for a living?

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