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justnotmarthaOctober 13, 2009

because someone has to give Sweeby props for the best advice my mother never gave me:

"Never, Never, Never sleep with a nut case!"

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Unfortunatly DH's mother obviously never did either. LOL! Great advicde in my book. DH would agree also. BWA HAHAHAHA

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Strange that this oughta-be-obvious piece of advice qualifies as profound --

But there ya go! My Mom never told me that either.

You can bet I told it to my son - several times!
(We're in the bible belt, so that goes double here!)

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Old boyfriend, of all people, told me, "Never argue with a drunk. Never argue with a crazy person."

It's advice that has served me well.

I just gotta remember to remember it!

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ROFL! Seems like good old fashioned logic to me!

Kind of like instructions on a shampoo bottle. LOL! I guess some idiot couldn't figure out how to use the shampoo and so now directions are mandatory.

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like the chainsaw that says not to operate it in the bathtub?

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ROFL! Yep!

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PLease tell me..what does ROFL mean?

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Rolling On the Floor, Laughing.

My mom gave me her version of "Never sleep with a nutcase"...
It was "If people seem fishy, they probably are. Don't waste anymore time on them."

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I really wish that I had one of those kinds of moms that...you know...gave advice and stuff. LOL! I can't even remember one single heart-to-heart talk with her until I was grown.

I love hearing advice from people who had moms that gave them advice. It's almost like I'm actually getting that motherly advice.....just like 15 years too late. LOL!

My mom did say some memorable things like "I'll never be your friend" and "I wish I never had kids". But my favorite thing was when I was half-way through putting on my makeup, she daid to me "You look like you suck pigs" (whatever the heck that meant).

Some good advice right there, ladies! You can use all you want to pass on to your own daughters! LOL! Just kidding (please don't do that; you might scar them for life). LOL!

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my mother never gave me that advice because my dad is somewhat nuts and she obviously slept (still sleeps) with him. hahahahah

on a serious note my mom is a great mother but she is not into giving advice though. i like it this way.

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I'm sorry your mother had such a bitter outlook, ashley.

I used to think that people made too much fuss about motherly attitudes & nurturing & so forth, because after all my mother was *horrible* & look how good I turned out (!).

but I've come to realize that I *hadn't* "turned out all right";
I lacked almost all the skills that kids normally acquire at home, & I had no self-esteem before anybody had a phrase for it.

Nowadays, I tend to believe that mothers & mother figures are the single most important factors in anybody's life.

You can grow up happy if you live in a crummy house & have to wash your underwear every night, but it's very hard to grow up happy if the person to whom you cry "Mother" is mean, or messed-up, or not emotionally connected to you, or simply not there, & it's a triumph of life & human resiliency when you *do* grow up to live a happy & fulfilling life.

pat yourself on the back & continue ever forward!

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