Somebody here was doing a Charity auction...

lovemosaicsNovember 7, 2008

I remember a mirror was shown a while ago...sorry... I wish I could remember her name! She was doing an auction on her mirror. I have been wondering how she did.

I always organize the annual Hospice fundraiser, and we do an art auction. I remember slowmedown said she got thousands for her stuff. Was wondering how she did. Our auction didn't do very well this year. I wasn't able to

participate this year, but the other artist were so upset. The economy is so bad.

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Sorry to hear about your fundraiser. All are being very selective this year even now. Money is short and I don't think we still are not comfortable with economy. I remember mirror too but am having a senior moment. Too early in AM I guess.

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NICETHYME has the mirror at auction, and I THINK it's tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see how much too. I THINK her table sold for $5,000. This mirror should do as well, even w/the bad economy.

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hey gals, yep tonights the night. I don't look for this to do as well as the tables, its a different crowd - not connected to the kiddos so there's no relationship to the children in this project. I'll be really happy if it reaches 1000. here's a link to some of the auction items

Here is a link that might be useful: CCLC

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Good luck tonight! Anxious to hear how it goes.

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well gals, sorry to say it only went for 270.00

but the upshot, the buyer was a parent from the other school where the tables had sold for 1000s, and she said to me afterwards... I never could have touched that piece at the other auction! so at least I feel good that an aquaintence felt she got a steal on one of my pieces! lol

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I'm aghast. I was so anxious to get to the forum this morning, and truly expected a bonanza. RATS. Yes, you should feel elated w/her comment. You'll do better the next time. Your mirror inspired me to make one w/the same concept that I'll put on the wall over my back yard water feature. I have one already in a similar shape. It won't be as pretty as yours, but I can try. Congratulations on making yourself a reputation in your community w/your spectacular art work. What is your next project?

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I'm sorry it didn't command its value, as we all knew and loved it so! But you this economy, I'm delighted it sold and the buyer KNEW she got a steal on it. I'm sure the publicity will help you sell many more.

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lol... I never sell my art, just give it away and donated.
tried ebay once and got no response... so I just do it for fun

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thanks Slow, I can't wait to see how your's turns out - you sure are on a roll lately. I'm in a slump but thats about to change soon. I've brooched the subject of our stairs and told him about Silva's work on plexi - he's all for it - because its not permenant! so stay tuned I'm pressing fall foliage and have a huge stock of crash glass... it will be a fab winter project for me

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So sorry to hear you were disappointed with your auction too. We had a painter that was so humiliated by what his piece went for, and said to count him out next time.
Wish he was doing it for fun, like you are.

Your stairs project sounds so cool! Love the fall leaves

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Oh NT!!! That price ain't chicken scratch in my neck of the woods! I am so proud of you for doing this every year!!! People around here would NEVER pay big bucks for any art, it's a shame, cuz it's a fairly artsy place. Your fall theme sounds awesome!!!

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