Mixing Marvin Ultimate, Integrity, Infinity in same house

Jimmy27November 19, 2011

We just purchased a 1917 Tudor, in poor condition, and are replacing about 80 windows. The interior casements are lovely, outside Stucco good condition around windows. Remodel calls for some new windows, but will do mostly insert replacements. We want the real wood on the interior.

We are thinking of using Ultimate Insert Replacement in the main rooms, Integrity for the new windows, and Infinity for the basement and third floor.

The rep told us they should't be mixed in the same house because they will look noticeably different from inside and outside. I had read they were meant to be mixed. Trying to save money where I can. Does anyone who uses or works with Marvin regularly have an opinion about our proposal to mix them?

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While not designed to all be matching, Intgrity and Ultmate's are often used together and work and look just fine. While I am not certain about Infinity I am certain the design was made for the look to be similar.

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The only thing similar are the colors. These are three very different windows. They should not be in close proximity to each other, same room and same elevation (unless you are mixing doors and windows) in my estimation.
With this in mind, I would look at your home window by window to see where this would work.

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