HELP! Milgard installed the wrong windows!

desertwestNovember 23, 2010

I bought 12 Milgard replacement windows and today was the first day of the install. I had to run to work for a couple of hours and when I got back 2 of the windows they installed did not have grills. They were supposed to have grills. All the other windows in the living room have grills so they obviously stand out.

On the final printout I received that showed the itemized windows and options and the total I owed (and already paid in full), it shows they were supposed to have grills. That is what I paid for.

Never having gone through this, when they are delivered is it customary to sign a receipt for goods actually received? If so I never got that. I never signed anything saying I got what I ordered.

I realize it was a dumb move to leave this afternoon. I could have at least stopped them from installing them and adding to the problem. I left a voicemail with the sales rep. He will hopefully call me back first thing.

I feel the company should cover it all. Just wondering what my rights are here? Any of you experience this before?

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If they are double hungs they should just order new sash and swap them out for no charge. Not really a big issue.

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They are single hung. Does that make a difference? Oh I bet it does because the top part is basically part of the frame. Thank you for the quick reply! This website is great! I've learned a lot from you milllworkman, and other "regulars." Is it typical to have to sign off on a packing slip before an install?

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It should not matter, it will make a little more work for them as the top portion would then be ordered as glass only and swapped in the unit. The lower sash would still be changed the same way. I am not sure when it is an installed sale, me sales experience is in supply only, but we always shipped a packing slip or receipt for the customer to sign upon delivery.

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Millworkman you are exactly right. Even the single hungs come with "removable" panes so they do not have to take out the entire window. Turns out the factory made the mistake. They are supposedly putting a rush on it and should be pretty painless to do the swap. It took 7 weeks for them to manufacture and ship my first order, so I expect still it'll take a few weeks.

We also discovered the sales rep did make a mistake and one window is 13" smaller in width than it should be. So they now have to reorder that one too. Unfortunately the workers already knocked out the old window. So they put it back in and will restucco to hold it over for a few weeks.

The sales rep will scan and email me the packing slip. They never had me sign it.

But no issues with me having to pay for anything. They are covering it all, just more of a hassel for me.

Also the stickers that come on the windows that show the SHGC, VLT, etc numbers - some just had "099" typed in. I was told I need to submit copies of those with my taxes in order to get the tax credit so the company needs to send me copies of those too.

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