astaraNovember 16, 2010

I have once again been of this forum for a very very long time. I do not know if any of you remember me. I see some old friends and it looks like the forum has grown. Ive missed you all and the creativity. I will post a WIP or two in the morning but I just wanted to say Hi. And I wanted you all to know Ive been lurking the past few days! Everyone's work is so amazing and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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Well hallelujah!! I do remember you ASTARA - so glad to see you back. Huuuuuuuuuury and post pics.

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trying to post pics. but the web keeps posting a link to all my crazy pics. I read forum links but cant seem to upload just one or two pics at a time. My hubby will help me tonight he is the expert!

Slowmedown - do you mind if I like some of your pics on your link and show my pals on facebook what I want to be when I grow up?

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LOL - honored that you ask. Once on the net, nothing is private, so show away. Thanks for the compliment.

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Welcome back Astara!!! Show us what you've been up to!

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