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lovemosaicsNovember 7, 2008

I wasn't able to find a drawer...and your Primitive and Red

really called out to me! So my son made me a drawer, he is so sweet! anyway....you used the back right? did you close up the opening on the other side?

I've been so busy with the Hospice fundraiser, I haven't been able to actually work at all. But that piece is calling to me big time! I hope you are ok with me doing

something similar. Wanted to ask before I got into it.

I'd love for that to be my first piece after so long!

I've been collecting this last week.

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Well I'll be. You were SERIOUS when you said you were inspired to mosaic a drawer. Bless you. I'm flatered beyond description when someone wants to copy my ideas. Yes, I used the back, and no, I didn't close the back. Just hung heavy-duty hangers at the top where the back joines the sides. The are a little above so they show. I get the heavy-duty hangers at Walmart. If you could visit a Habitat for Humanity, betcha could find some drawers. I'm in mosaic withdrawals, but I have the quilt top done. Gotta go to HobLob for fabric for the border and batting today. Don't like the quilting part, but love the piecing - sorta like a cloth mosaic is what I do in quilting now, rather than making so many blocks of the same. Sooooooo anxious to see your project. Huuuuuuuuuury.

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So Glad you are ok with it. I have collected a few crosses,
and I should be able to pick up the drawer from my son tomorrow. Not sure when I can actually start on it, but I'm sure antsy to cut some glass! I move a lot slower these days, so getting settled back in here, has taken forever.

You even quilt? I sure hope you are going to share the pics
of it.

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Well, get on w/it. I'm anxious to see your rendition of the cross drawer. Quilting was my addiction b/f mosaics. I'll probably share the one I'm making now on the conversation side. It's a cloth mosaic - very irregular quilt - sorta outta the realm of traditional quilting. Keep us posted w/your progress. Hope you start it today. I'm sooooooooo in withdrawals.

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