window beading or moulding replacement?

RetiredFloridaNovember 10, 2012

I have a home that was built in 1994. It has aluminum windows. Over my double entry doorway is a smaller, arched, stained glass window. On the exterior, the "bead" of soft vinyl has gotten really ugly and since I was painting the house again, I felt as though this really needs to be replaced. Actually, there are two, another window in front of our home has an arched window with the top "bead" or exterior moulding that has need replacing.

Sorry I may not be using the correct terms. Anyone take a guess what I need to use to replace these "vinyl"/"rubber" strips? Where can they be purchased and can I do it without too much trouble?

I've just spent a couple of hours googling beading and moulding but really am not sure what I'm looking at. I'd call the company that installed these windows but they have since gone out of business.


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The vinyl bead that you speak of was commonly used on archtop aluminum windows. The trick, however, is that there are different thicknesses. There are still companies manufacturing aluminum windows (depending where you live) so your fail safe solution is to cut a small piece off once you find a supplier and bring it with you to match.
A picture would also help. It might be that the vinyl bead has only come loose and may need to be siliconed back into place. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the reply eastbay. I'm in Tarpon Springs, FL. I had this thought late last night after I spent a good portion of the day painting. Thus, no pics.

My biggest concern was of course my stained glass entryway but since you mention getting a small piece, I realised that the "other" window had a loose piece. I removed it so I could photograph it and to use as a sample.

First photo is the bead
2nd is the window I took the bead off
3rd is the stained glass window I also want to replace.

Where would I find a replacement, home depot, lowe's or do I have to go to a window manufacturer? I have to use silicone to secure this or does it just pop in?



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Image 2

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Image 3

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I doubt either HD or Lowe's will be able to help you. I would go on line and look for an aluminum window company that manufactures round top windows. Send the picture of the bead profile to them for identification. If they don't have it, ask for the name of their supplier. It may take some footwork but you should be able to track something down that will work.

As to how it is applied, it should just push in if it is the right size. You may need to silicon it if not. Good luck!

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