Two level countertops, need fillers/spacers?

pinktoesOctober 6, 2007

We're going to have 2 sinks installed on one bathroom wall. One will be 6 inches lower and open below for wheelchair use. There's a wing wall at the end of it. Using frameless cabinets. At the jump down, the lower countertop butts up against the taller one, which is on a base of all-drawers. I'm concerned about clearance of that top drawer at the lower countertop. Especially with seasonal changes. Esp. in a humid bathroom.

Do we need a spacer there? We have enough knee space (42") under the lower countertop to put something there but I can't visualize what it would be and where we need it. If we need it. Knowing that cabinet makers are not perfect. And that, as Tage Frid said "Vood mooves."

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I don't believe anything will interfere. If you wanted, you could have the counter top fabricated with a relief where it comes closest to the drawers. I'm thinking like an eighth-inch offset where the c-top overhang is not as wide as the rest of it that abuts the side of the taller unit. This should not even be necessary, the way I'm visualizing it. A spacer could be added to the lower one, but that changes the look.

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