Need advice/suggestion for a motorized outdoor solar shade/screen

court623November 27, 2012

We have very high arched windows that have always let in beautiful light to our great room, however, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we lost our biggest shade trees and now the whole room gets direct sunlight most of the day making it unbearable to sit virtually anywhere in the room.

The room doesn't really warrant window treatments and because the windows don't have a standard arch, I'm really stuck. I was looking at the Sunsetter Motorized solar shade through Costco but it only comes with a 12' plug-in cord That wire wouldn't be long enough and I really want something hard-wired (plug in just doesn't seem like the right thing to use on a permanent outdoor shade). I called them and they don't offer a hard-wired option, and, they also say that you void any warranty if you hardwire it.

The idea of the Sunsetter shade works for me. We could install the shade on the exterior of the house where no one would see it, but we could operate it via remote from inside. It would filter the sunlight and give us our great room back.

Does anyone know of any other shade company like this or have any other suggestions?

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I haven't used any of them but Costco does seem to do a decent job of vetting some of their contractors so that is a good starting point.

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I'm wondering about the same shades - I need a solar screen but don't want to introduce PVC inside the house - already too many toxic chemicals in the cocktail we breath. I love the idea of catching the heat before it penetrates the glass. Does anyone have any experience with these outdoor shades? Do they blow around in the wind? Are they easy to operate? How much of the view do they obscure? Do they work? I also read someplace that they can only be all-up or all-down, no inbetween settings. Is this true? Can't have the shade only half-closed? Thanks.

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