Crash Glass ?

puggrannyNovember 1, 2008

I found at a garage sale 2 old card table frames. I want to do mosiac top. I have been reading about crash glass. My hubby wants one done with the state of texas. If I painted it on to a piece of thin plywood and then covered it with crash glass and grouted would that work. Or do you think thin plywood would be to heavy if so what could I use to for a top? The table will be only for indoor. I am very new to mosiac. I am working on my first bowlong ball! Thanks for the help.

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Well, I thik you must be new here too. Welcome, granny!

I would think it would be too heavy, but I'm going to let others weigh in here. Also, the surface would not be smooth. Maybe if we know what you're hoping to use the tables for someone will know better. Good luck!

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I plan on using the table for decoration, if I get it figured out I plan to do one for our family reunion and want to do the state of texas with our family name on it. I never thought of the weight Any ideas on what to make it with will be greatly appreciated.
THANKS!!!! i have been lurking awhile and reading

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The sturdiness of the table will make a big difference. If it's the typical card table I don't think it would support the mosaics unless you have it reinforced. If you can get the table frame sturdy it should be ok for mosaic.

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WELCOME PUGGRANNY!!! (If you have a pug...You GOTTA post a pic!!!lol) I would do a coffee a side table first and see how you like it, you know, like a sturdy wood one, and then if you like it, you could do a matching one or a whole set!!! That would be sooo cool! Could you post a pic of the table so we could see?(Maybe with a pug beside it too?!?!lol!)hee hee!

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Pug!!!! I love pugaloves!
Ditto Calamity!

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