Repurposing dryer outlet, exploring options need info

williamsemMay 26, 2012

First, let me say I am not attempting any of this myself. I am in the info gathering stage of a kitchen remodel. It's a small kitchen, but I am exploring adding a 240V Advantium oven. The question is built in or OTR, which I would probably put over the counter, not the range.

I know if I put the OTR model mounted under some cabinets I will need to run a new 240V line during the remodel. No questions about this option.

My question is about wiring for the built in model. I have an area that was a washer/dryer cubby next to the kitchen. It is now a makeshift pantry. It will become the new home for the fridge and a more functional pantry area in the remodel.

Because it had the dryer in there, there is an existing dryer outlet present, which should be 240V. Assuming it is the correct voltage/amp rating can that outlet be converted to accept a regular plug for the 240V Advantium?

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just a thought - have you checked in the manual of this oven - do they allow you to connect it directly under a "combustible" material like wooden cabinets? There are some building codes about location near combustible materials. the install manual for this oven should have the manufacturer's recommendations. How does the oven vent... etc...

It should be able to be updated to the newer 4-prong if it was wired properly and has the correct gauge wires. Since this is no longer a laundry is is now converted to be part of your kitchen.

It all needs to be checked out to be sure it is the correct sized breaker, the correct sized wires and grounding. But swapping out the 240v plug receptacle for the one that fits the oven plug is not hard - about 15 min. work once the research is done.

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Also - there are some bad reviews out there for Advantium - not sure maybe GE has improved them since then.

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Ron Natalie

The OTR version of the advantium is really they're "space saving configuration" (i.e. shorter than the wall oven style mount versions). It specifically approves installation and there's no problem with wooden cabinets. The external exhaust obviously doesn't need to be connected in this case.

If you had an existing wall oven circuit that was three wires, the wall oven version of the Advantium will connect to that circuit. You can NOT install (or move or extend) a three wire circuit (such as you propose). New work does not permit the grounded conductor to be used for the ground.

Both my houses have the wall oven style 240 advantium...very cool unit.

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"It should be able to be updated to the newer 4-prong if it was wired properly..."

3-wire wa allowed for ranges and dryers fr along time, ad many old circuits only have 3-wires and Cannon be "updated to the newer 4-prong" without running new cable.

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Thanks, kisu. I have read the install requirements, and there are specs for heat resistance for cabinet material with the wall oven that I will have to address if we go that route. Need to figure this part out first to decide if it is feasible before finalizing a layout to get cabinet quotes. Also I have read a lot and the 240V is better than the 120V. I had briefly looked at a Miele speed oven, but it's a bit expensive for this project. Maybe in our next, and hopefully permanent, house!

Ronnatalie, i'm not sure what you are trying to tell me about this outlet. The two oven options would be located in two different ares. Where I would put the OTR would need a new line from the breaker box as there are only regular outlets near it. The wall oven, if it fits, would be going in the former laundry area so that 240V dryer outlet will stay right where it is, I am just trying to figure out if it can be converted to a wall oven outlet or if a new line needs to be added.

Of course, once I figure this out, it goes on the list of things to discuss with the GC, who will do the electric work, to see what the actual reality is when he looks at the circuit. I just have to figure out for planning purposes which model I am trying to incorporate.

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Ron Natalie

This one you might have problems with the AHJ on. The rule says only existing circuit installations allow the use of the three wire hookup. The idea is that if you were replacing a stove with a newer one, you wouldn't have to replace the circuit. If you are not moving the circuit at all, I guess the strict reading of the code permits you to use the existing three wire connection but frankly if you have to move that an inch the inspector probably has the right to consider not "existing".

And for those who haven't bothered to actually read the instructions (kiss), the instructions does provide for the "wall oven" version of this oven to be connected to a three wire circuit.

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