I want to change the color of my entertainment center.

mommyof5October 13, 2008

We have a 5 piece entertainment center that is the traditional golden oak stain. I really want to paint it black, but DH disagrees. He will go for a darker stain though. The doors and moldings are solid wood, but the shelves I believe are laminated and the back is just a masonite like board w/ a wood grain look.

Would I have to sand everything down and then just apply a darker stain and then varnish? Will the shelving and back take stain if it's not solid wood? I really don't want to mess this up....of course if I did then I could paint it:-)

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First thing to determine is how much of the EC is actually wood. If you have part of the EC made of a laminated board, it won't stain, but can be painted.

If you build furniture and are familiar with stain, then sanding, prep, stain and top coat will be a major undertaking. If you don't build furniture, then the job will be a major undertaking and then some. I envision 5 piece EC as being large. Me personally, if you can't live with the golden oak, then paint it. If you have to stain it, let a professional do it, or consider selling the EC and buying a new one that is the color of your liking. Painting over stain is a challenge because it is hard to get paint to stick to the existing finish.

That is my short answer, the long answer is to long for this forum. If you decide to paint it, go to a reputable paint store like Sherwin Williams and get instructions from them on how to paint over an existing finish.

Good luck!

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