Need to replace 41 windows, what would you do?

mbarstowNovember 7, 2009

We have a 1925 house with 41 windows. We are located north of Boston, so winters are an issue. We should replace most of the windows and did start with 4 in our attic. We used Harvey double-hung and do like them, but I dislike the look of replacements from the inside. They look fine on the outside. Are all replacements equal?

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Are they all equal in what way? Energy efficiency, durability, air infiltration, aesthetics? No.

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Oh boy, Skydawggy you do bring up good points. I am concerned about all of those. My husband and I are right now just discussing this topic. I really dislike seeing a house from the outside and can easily say "looks like the Jones' have new replacement windows." I want to keep the house looking as true to its design as possible--which is an old garrison colonial. (looks like Paul Revere's house) What we put in our attic are drop-in's that are 30'' x 52'' and we do have 41. Do you have a recommendation?

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I would not assume that I had to replace any of the windows. I would consult with a restoration expert and add storms, if you don't have them. I'm not a restorer and I'm not affiliated with the attached company, but she posts on another old home forum and knows what she is doing. My recommendation - call her for a consultation.

Restoring will accomplish your goal of not looking like you have a bunch of replacement windows!

Here is a link that might be useful: window restoration

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Since aesthetics are very important to you, I would start by looking at a lot of windows. This will help you start to narrow it down as to which ones have the profile you are looking for and also help to decide whether you want wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or a composite window.

I would also ask the dealers for references of houses where they have installed any of the windows you are interested in so you can go by and see if you like the way they look.

It can be a long process but 41 windows is going to be a major investment so, take your time and make sure you find the right window for your house.

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This is in response to alot of what I have read on this site. Here are the plain and simple truths about windows in general for just about everywhere in the United States.

You need to ask yourself one simple question... Do you want to spend money on windows or do you want your windows to pay you?

The real truth is that all dual pane windows are absoulete. The very best dual pane window on the market barely meets the Energy Star requirements. In 2013 all new construction windows are going to have to be triple pane. The dual pane window was patented in 1865.

Do you need gas between the glass?

FOR SURE! It IS the insulating barrier between the air temperature outside your home. A better question to ask yourself is... what is keeping that gas between the glass?
The ONLY spacer system (spacer is what keeps the 2 or 3 panes of glass apart) that is designed to hold gas is the Intercept U-Channel spacer. **BEWARE** Any window made with a product titled "Super Spacer" is not designed to hold gas. It is a silcon foam rubber that applied with double sided sticky tape.

Do you need to have insulated frames?

Do you need to have insulated walls? Of course you do... it's standard building code to insulate house why not windows? It really is not expensive for a manufacutre to spray your typical hollow vinyl frames with an expanding insulating foam... why dont they? COST... they dont care how your windows perform as long as they meet the minimum energy requirements.

Did you know that energy is going up at an average of 25% each year. That really means that your energy bills are doubling every 3 years. How many times does your energy bill have to double before you realize that your AC/HEAT is turning on 7-10 per hour! Why wouldnt you want to replace your windows with the most energy effcient window possible? You can save 50% on your energy bills... in writing. Dont you want your windows to be just as insulated as your walls? Triple pane with Kyrpton is R10 at the glass and R-23 at the frame.

The truth is all dual pane windows are made EXACTLY the same... Ply Gem, Milgard, Simonton, Alin, Amerimax, Superior, Anderson, Xact... etc... need I keep going.

All these windows provide the same insulating factors and roughly the same Air influtration stats. If you are really considering you windows with dual pane I would go for the cheapest thing that you can find becuase they are all sub-par.

If you are looking to buy replacement vinyl windows and would like to know what the average homeowner is spending on replacement windows, or any other home improvement project check out...

The average home owner on west coast is spending $12509 to have (10) 3' x 5' DUAL pane windows replaced. Price includes labor and removal. Thats $1250 per hole, thats about what you can expect from a quality company to have replacement windows installed. You could have a couple of guy work out of the back of thier truck do it for less but you WILL have bad results... If you pay peanuts you are going to get monkeys.

Replacing windows is not a cheap project and homeowners should be aware that this a pricing purchase. I have seen windows got into homes that cost well over $150,000... Just for Marvin Wood... The idea is buy windows that are going to last a long time, a life time.

I know way to much about the subject, but I can assure you that I do not work for penquin windows, nor do i work for Great Lakes windows. My Uniframe triple pane windows are the best INVESTMENT that I have ever made.

(Please note... this was not spell checked nor prof read, my apologies if you cant understand my tying.)

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I'm sorry, make that three times in one day Chris posted this.

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