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bwhitMay 2, 2013

Hello all,
My house is an old plank board nightmare. Currently remodeling two rooms upstairs. I want to add three outlets and ceiling light to each room. I do not dare to add to existing outlets. Was thinking of running one line up to the attic and adding a subpanel. If I go this route, any ideas on gauge of wire from main to sub? Was planning on 12/2 for outlets and light. Biggest thing that might get run is a window unit AC.

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What size service do you have?

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If all you need is a couple of lights and some general use receptacles, then that only needs one circuit.
Then run another dedicated circuit for the air conditioner.
A subpanel seems like overkill unless you are planning on future expansion.

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Think that my main is 100.
The main reason for going with a sub is ease of installation.With the sub in the attic I reach all four walls from above, then just drop down between the planks (nice gaps) to the outlets and the switch.

Thanks for the comments.

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"With the sub in the attic"

You have head clearance in the attic 30 inches wide and 36 inches deep (form the front of the panel)??

A sub requires the same clearance as any other panel, think abut a refrigerator box volume in front of the panel.

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Run 2 12-3 romex into the attic and terminate them each into their own 4" sq box. From there, you can do about whatever you want.

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You can branch from a junction box. A subpanel is overkill and wouldn't ease your installation at all. It would do the opposite.

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For rewiring from an attic, I use 4 11/16 boxes to accommodate more cables.

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