Can't Replace My Old Windows

nerdyshopperNovember 20, 2010

I have been trying since September to get replacements for the windows in our house. At first we were only going to replace the large picture windows in our family room, living room and dining room. When the bids seemed to come in lower than we expected we thought we could afford to update the whole house. We chose PlyGem Premium replacements because they were the best of all those available in our area of the west coast. Unfortunately the only dealer in this area has never installed a Premium line window and has been making ordering mistakes and pricing mistakes until I am dizzy. When I went to their store, he told me I was mixed up. Finally convinced me to let them bid on the lower line of PlyGem windows that they were familiar with. I agreed but as I drove home, I got angry that I couldn't get what I really wanted, so I called him back and requested that he get me the price for using the second tier line and the Premium line so I could compare the cost and make my own decision. Haven't heard from them since. I may have to give up replacing windows this year. It may already be too late to get them in in time to get my $1500 dollar tax rebate. None of the lines of vinyl windows usually recommended are available here except the PlyGem Premium. In fact, the Premiums sold on the west coast are not the same as those sold in the mid-west and east coast. Those are all made at the Great Lakess plant in Ohio. I really don't know if those available here are as good.

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First off the dealer you went to the first thing I would do is lose his name and number. There has to be someone if not in your area at least the surrounding area. Look up window installers using your zip code on Google or a similar site, or mention your area on here maybe someone will know someone for you. Do not let anyone talk you into something you do not want. I personally would never buy anything with the Plygem name name on(but that is another story.

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Am I supposed to be impressed? I had premium Plygems placed on 25 windows 9 years ago and they look as good as they did when they were installed by the distributor/dealer who has been in business since 1961.

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I am very happy for you, I have been in the lumber and millwork industry for 27 yrs and I have never had a bit of use for anything that Plygems has put their name on. Again this is just my opinion take it or leave it.

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