Soft-lite windows for new construction - help educate me please.

lexmomof3November 13, 2012

I'm seriously considering Soft-lite windows for a new build. There is only one dealer in the area but they don't do a lot of these windows so I don't find them incredibly helpful. They don't even have a display but they're trying to get one along with the sample colors. I know most wouldn't recommend a company with so little experience with the brand but I don't have a lot of other options on good quality vinyl windows and they have a variety of colors that other vinyl products don't offer. Most builders are using MW, MI or silver line windows, even in $600k+ houses. My builder is fine with using the windows I choose but I need to educate myself on the product line and I'm hoping someone can just help me narrow it down by telling me which ones are for new construction, and of those, which ones do you recommend. I'm in SC if that makes a difference. Thank you so much for the help!

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Don't quote me on this but I think every model inside the Soft-lite brand can be equip for a new construction application with the proper nailing flange accessory.

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Thanks wow. I wish my local dealer was helpful but this just isn't a high selling brand for them. I'm really kind of surprised because it seems to adequately fill the need for those that want a particular color and a value priced, good quality window.

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I did get confirmation that all models can be used in new construction with the proper nailing flange accessory like wow said. Any opinions on which model is the better value? I'm in SC and will have plantation shutters on the inside of almost all windows so the frames won't be very visible from the inside. I do want a good looking (as good as a vinyl window can be)exterior frame. These will be going on a traditional brick house - new construction. I'd greatly appreciate any advice.

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The Imperial LS and Elements are SL's top offerings and would be very good choices. The Imperial Pro is a step down, but offer good performance with a little bit more glass area, as does the Bainbridge.

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