Replaced switches in kitchen, disposal and sink light not working

CEakerMay 24, 2013

I replaced all the plugs and switches in my kitchen from almond color to white. I have a double switch next to my sink, the kind where there are two horizontal switches. The top one controlled the disposal, and the bottom controlled the light over the sink. When I replaced that piece and tested it, they both worked fine. Then, after I was done with all the rest of them, they do not work anymore. I rewired the old switch in there to see if it was the new switch that was bad, but still not power to either. I am out of ideas. Any ideas from seasoned electrical folks? Thanks!

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How many circuits do you have in the kitchen? Are all the circuit breakers in the operating position? Which outlets work and which do not?

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Is there anything else that is not working?
Have you ensured all of your connections are secure?
Can you determine which device on the circuit is immediately 'upstream'? That's a good place to start.
You could also look for a GFCI receptacle that needs to be reset.

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