3 way switch wiring - what to do with all of the wires?

blacklerMay 23, 2013

I have moved into a home that had automated lighting system but it is now outdated and I want to revert to regular decora switches. There are so many wires in each box, I don't know what to do with them.
In the first box, there is a 3 wire plus ground (black, white and red) brought into the box, and a 3 wire plus ground (black, white and red) leaving the first box going to the second. What do I connect all of the wires to?

Any help would be great. Thanks

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Where is the light fixture in this scheme?
How is the second switch wired?
Where is the incoming power wired in?
Is this the end of the branch circuit or does the power feed through to other devices?
Might it be a four-way setup?

There are several variations on how to connect a three-way light so you need to know how the other elements are connected. I recommend that you study a book on basic residential wiring. There should be several at your local library or you can find them at home Depot, Lowes, etal. Your web browser should also be able to find a few illustrated explanations.

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The decora switches come with documentation on how to wire in a basic 3-way wiring setup.
Also, from what I have seen in my own home, the white wires, from both bundles that come into the box, get tied together.

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