Does the trim strip sit on the cabinet?

pinktoesOctober 29, 2007

I'm designing kitchen cabinets for new construction. The uppers will be frameless Euro-style and will sit below, and recessed just a bit behind a drywall soffit. I want, and will need (to cover any unevenness in the drywall) a narrow piece of wood trim to cover the join.

So, do they drop the cabinet doors down and place the wood trim ON the cabinets? Or do they hang the cabinets and leave a gap below the drywall, then place the trim over that? What would they nail the trim into? Pardon my ignorance here, but any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.

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If there is no clearance above the door (common for euro style were the door is almost exactly th b ox size) a piece of 1x is usually attached to the top of the cabinet to provide a backer for nailing the trim strip.
The cabinets are then set so the row will be even, with any variation at the top.
A trim strip is cut to whatever profile is needed across the row of cabinets (most often a long taper) and fastened to the backer and butted to the ceiling/soffit.

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One thing to keep in mind, a narrow strip that tapers often looks worse than a wider strip that tapers the same amount.
Loosing even 1/4 inch off a 1 inch piece is more apparent than loosing 1/4 inch off a 2 inch wide piece.
Depending on how uneven the soffit is, it might be better to use a wider strip, or if the gap is small (1/4 inch, maybe even 1/2) leave it alone.
It should only be visible when the cabinet door is open, instead of a tapered filler that is visible all the time.

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