How to light stained glass from behind, in a ceiling?

BeemerNovember 22, 2010

I will need to remove a skylight from my home. The skylight will be removed and sheathed over. Currently, it shines down in the middle of an aged knotty pine cathedral ceiling. Needless to say, I would not be able to get wood to match it to patch it.

My husband suggested a stained glass insert with some sort of back lighting. What do you think may work? Rope lights? Flouresent? We would inset it with a contrasting wooden frame.

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The idea of a stained glass insert sounds wonderful. Have no idea on the lighting.

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light boxes that are used in the design and manufacture of stained glass panels-to assist with cutting glass etc-utilize flourescent lights and a reflective white background. do a google search for those. Also-radiologists in the old days before digital, LOL, used light boxes to view xray films on.
I would think that would be the best way to provide bright even light for the SG panel.
You might also look for museums that display SG panels and see how they do it.

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Sounds like a fab idea!!!!

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beemer, when we did our remodel, I found the lighting forum here on GW to be very helpful, they really have some experts over there, and they directed me to some excellent resources &'d have not known of otherwise.

The stained glass sounds like a great solution to your problem!

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