Home Inspection--Heal Joint Attic Repair

jaysgardenOctober 4, 2011

Just getting around to some home inspection report repairs.

One issue in the report dealt with a heal joint in the attic. It stated,

"1) One of the rafters lacks a heal joint connection to the ceiling joist at the north side of the main attic area. It is recommended that solid blocking be installed. "

Check the link below for a photo of the inspection report page that deals with this issue, photos of the actual issue and photos of possible repair scenarios.

My question is what is the proper repair? Take a look at the 2 photos dealing with repairs and suggest if one is better than the other or some other option.

Thanks for the advice.


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I'd tie them in by bridging the gaps with a length of 2x4 on the left and 2x6 on the right, with about a 12" longitudinal overlap on the rafters. I'd secure them with 3" deck screws instead of hammering in nails, possibly causing cracking problems in a finished ceiling below.

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Thanks for responding but I can't picture what you mean.

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I can't tell from the pics, because they show up tiny, but are the ends floating and not borne by any plate or beam? If they are just held up by drywall, you need to do something to remedy it. If it's just an imperfect or sloppy cut, perhaps a few shims and Tico fasteners.

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That double is resting on a wall below and that triple kind of has something to do with a tray ceiling below. I attached a few more photos.Ends are not floating. They are on other wood components. I added a few more photos on photobucket.


The inspector refers to the term "heal joint" in two places on report page. Under the Orange Review Repair and under the black Review Repair I attached a photo of what I think he is referring to under the Orange section and I understand that.

It is what he is referring to under the black section that is the topic of this post and is puzzling me.

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Heel joint

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