Celtic Knot Light Block

becky_iaNovember 17, 2012

Well it has been a long time since posting anything new so thought I better get back in the swing of things. This is one of my latest light blocks I did for a church fundraiser. I made two for the lady to choose from and she bought them both!

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Nice! Does your hubby make the wooden frame, or am I mixing you up with someone else?

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Very cool. How does the light box portion of it work? I'm not familiar with them. Susan

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Very beautiful. What a nice thing to have, since I'm a little lamplet freak. Have waaaaaaaaay too many lamps, but love them so much all over the house. If I ever get to a point where my head isn't filled w/things I want to do, I'll make one of these.

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I love this one.

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Very pretty. The wood frame really gives it a finished look

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