Dog grave marker

cathyscacheOctober 11, 2011

Started this grave marker for our dog Ranger..lost him 2 yrs ago but just haven't been able to work on it. Will do another for our other dog Lucky when doen wit this one. Their both flat so we will be able to mow over them. It;s going slow because I can't sit as long as I wud like but slow is better than not @ all.

Here is a link that might be useful: dog marker

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Don't know if it's my computer or Photobucket, but I can't get a zoom in. What I can see is absolutely wonderful. Is that on hardibacker cement board? What are the border tiles - LOVE it. Lettering is great too. VERY nice memorial plaque. TELL me about not being able to work long hrs. I have to take little "back breaks" all through the day, but a little progress is better than no progress after all.

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Isn't that the truth Slow...that's excatly what I call them...but progress is progress..thx

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Looking great Cathy...

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