How do I NOT get this look with vinyl windows?

tulips33November 24, 2013

Can someone tell me what I'm looking for in a window. Most window websites don't post any pictures of the outside of the windows so I'm not sure how to get a window that looks how I'd like.
We are doing vinyl siding but I don't want my windows to stick out past the siding like the attached picture.

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Here are windows on a vinyl siding house that Don't stick out past the vinyl, which I like better.

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This is my favorite window on this cement siding house.

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So you want the windows to be inset a bit from the outside wall?

That is as much of an application question as it is a window question.

What kind of siding are you going to use in this case? Foam backed?

You can create any number of trim details to push the window back.

Is this new construction?

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Yes new construction, right now we are planning on using Certainteed Carolina Beaded vinyl siding. I want the glass to be recessed into the wall. We looked at a house our builder built with the same siding and Atrium windows and PVC trim around the windows and it still looks like the glass is sticking out further than the siding.

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You are going to have to change out the window and/or application.

Most new construction windows are designed to be set via flange and have the finished glazing surface in line with the exterior wall.

You can trim out around the window with some flat casing and bury the window a bit like that but then you will have a weird'ish look to the front of the home with the trim.

If you are building a new home, you could kill two birds with one stone and clad the exterior will rigid foam. This would give you the additional wall depth and push the window back inside a bit as well as improve the overall wall R-value considerably.

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Do you know what kind of cost your talking about to do the foam on the outside? We are building a 2800 sq ft house.
If not, do you know what kind of windows I should be looking for? When I go to the websites I never really see pictures of the exterior windows.

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It kind of looks to me like the picture you don't want to look like is a storm window, so my answer would be not to put storm windows on your house. I have them and I don't like the look either. Eventually I'll have everything replaced and it won't look like that.

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Yeah it looks like storm windows are on it but there aren't any, it's a single hung window. I want a window that does have space for storm windows b/c that means it would be recessed some.

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