Need advice deciding - Wincore Extreme series or Soft lite Pro

nva_birdcrazyNovember 27, 2011

I plan to order replacement windows for a 21 year old townhouse in Northern VA in the next couple of days, and am undecided on which windows to choose. I am choosing between Wincore double-pane double-hung windows (part of the Extreme series??) and Soft lite pro, double-pane, double hung windows. The cost to replace 11 windows and cap three dormers is around $4,900 for either option. I would greatly appreciate advice on which brand to choose between the two, and if the cost sounds reasonable as well. Thank you!

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I would go with the Pro's.
The cost sounds reasonable but may be high or low depending on installation details, window sizes, tempered glass ect.

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Which Wincore model are they recommending? Are your existing windows wood, vinyl or aluminum?

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Thanks so much for your input so far! 6 of the 11 windows are a standard size and 5 are larger than average. I can provide sizes in a follow up message. For either Softlite Pro or Wincore -- the glass will be double pane, double strength, and not tempered.

Regarding the Wincore windows -- the company said the windows are part of their Extreme series. I'm sure that's another name for one of Wincore's standard windows, as I don't know what "Extreme" stands for. The Wincore windows have a U factor of .28-.30 and a SHGC of .20.

The softlite Pro windows have a U factor of .28-.30 and an SHGC of .30.

I am checking warranty information for both types of windows, and if the installers are AAMA certified.

Any additional thoughts/advice/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Shopping for windows and speaking to several companies has been nothing short of overwhelming!


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The person who provided an estimate for the Softlite Pro windows came back with an updated price of $6,300 for 11 windows because several are oversized. This includes wrapping three dormers and wrapping the wood frame around each window.

I also have an updated price for the Wincore windows of $5,650 which also includes wrapping 3 dormers and wrapping the wood frame around each window.

I would like to see the Wincore window - just as I've seen the Softlite Pro window - but it looks like a clear cut choice if I'm basing my decision on price. Also the company that sells the Wincore window offers a lifetime labor and installation guarantee. The company that sells Softlite windows offers a lifetime guarantee on the windows, but only a 1 year guarantee on installation and labor.

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I suspect they are quoting you the Wincore 5400 series. If so, the Softlite Pro would be the better window. That SHGC is too low for Northern Virginia.

In that price range, you should be able to find a better window such as Sunrise, Gorell or Okna.

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I would say that the Pro is a better choice as well. Better quality product and a better fit for your climate as skydawggy mentioned.

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Thank you, Skydawggy and HomeSealed. I will see if the window is part of the Wincore 5400 series, and go from there. I will post an update to this discussion board as soon as I hear from the vendor about which Wincore window they are recommending. Thanks again.

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