Title 24 bathroom motion sensors

cody73May 8, 2013

Hi, I'm working with my electrician on the lights in my bathroom. I've got a bunch of LEDs installed, and as far as I understand title 24 was asking for either "high efficacy lights" or motion sensors for the switches, which I interpret as if I have high efficacy lights then I don't need motion sensor switches, while my electrician disagreed. Could someone shed some light on this? Thanks!!

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Regarding bathrooms, it is "either" however the fixtures must accommodate only "high efficacy" light bulbs (such as GU24 base CFLs for example).

If the LED light bulbs and fixtures meet that criteria, the they do not need occupancy sensors.

If the LEDs are medium base screw in light bulbs, into standard fixtures, that would then require occupancy sensors.

If in addition to the "high efficacy" lighting you also use some "low efficacy" fixtures, then those fixtures must use occupancy sensors.

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It is a "vacancy" sensor that is required, not "occupancy". Manual "on", automatic "off." Automatic "on" is not Title 24 approved, unless made redundant by also having approved high efficacy.

Some switches can be changed from "occupancy" to "vacancy" by removing the cover plate and sliding a select switch. These are not approved for Title 24, even if set for "vacancy".

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Thanks for calling me on that attofarad - guess I've just gotten as lazy as the manufactures, distributors, box stores, and even AHJ's!

Yes, you are correct, the proper terminology is "vacancy sensor" - manual on - auto off.

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