a "power assist" staple gun?

talley_sue_nycOctober 14, 2012

I used my trusty classic Arrow staple gun this weekend and realized again how hard it is for me to use. My hands aren't that big, so I have difficulty squeezing the handle. And I can't keep the gun steady easily. Plus the staples don't drive all the way.

I've seen the staple guns that have the handle going the other way.


They look like they'd be a lot easier to control.

But I've also seen desktop staplers with some sort of leverage/gear enhancement that means you have to squeeze far less to get the stapler to work.

Is there any sort of technology like that for staple guns?

I should say: I do not use it often enough to warrant spending for an electric one. And I also want the traditional wide staples.

Any recommendations for me?

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The Powershot is a lot easier to use, but it still does not fully seat staples.

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I assume you don't have a compressor? What are you trying to staple?

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no, I don't have a compressor. That would be WAY overkill--after all, I mentioned that an electric staple gun would be an unwarranted expense.

I staple-gun stuff around the house--mounting shoe-pockets on the sides of bookcases, anchoring fabric to the back of chair bottoms, attaching curtains to the wooden valances, that sort of stuff.

I don't do it often, but when I do, it's incredibly difficult. And recently I injured my elbow/arm (carpal tunnel? I'm not sure), and gripping and squeezing w/ the right hand is hard.

I have a light-duty stapler, but it actually isn't tough enough for any of the projects I've tackled. I haven't ditched it, but I never, ever use it.

Handymac, thanks for the info on the Powershot. Do *any* manual staple guns fully seat the staples? I always thought it was me (but then, there were times when I was certain I'd held the gun properly, and it still didn't drive them home; I had to pound them in w/ a hammer).

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I have three staple drivers---actually, five. Two are the type you have now---I have not used them in probably 15 years.

I have an electric model I no longer know the location of and a Powershot I have worn out.

All four required a hammer to fully seat even 1/4" staples in anything save pine.

The fifth is an air actuated stapler that uses narrow crown staples, the shortest of which are 1&3/8" long.

There are electric staplers that will do what you want----but the prices start at about $250 and go up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstery stapler

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" That would be WAY overkill--after all, I mentioned that an electric staple gun would be an unwarranted expense. "

Then use both hands (watch for pinch points), someone with stronger hands, or spend money o power equipment.

A small hammer (4 oz) can also be used to finish driving the staples flush.

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Fori is not pleased

The electrics aren't much more than what you're looking at--spend the $5-$10 more and get one. As a small-handed person, I can tell ya it's worth it. It's not a strength issue, it's lack of leverage.

You'll still need a tack hammer. :)

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I have a little Senco pneumatic stapler that is a champ. It was only about a hundred bucks and will fully seat half inch wire staples in hard maple. It takes only a very small compressor. Once I finally got a compressor I realized how pointless the poor results and broken/strained body parts I had accumulated over the previous decades of hand tool use had been. Now everything from the 23ga pinner to the framing nailer gets regular use, and it all cost only a tiny fraction of what the elbow injuries cost me. And no more hammer dings in the target! The pneumatic stapler works dramatically better than the $20 to $60 electric staplers I had accumulated did.

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A second person is just not feasible. Nor is someone with stronger hands. I need to be able to do this myself. And I *am* using two hands. Thanks for trying,though. I don't want to "make do" with the one I've got, anyway.

But it sounds like almost everybody has to finish off with a hammer, anyway, so I won't worry about that anymore. I always thought it was me.

Handymac, it says something that you used the Powershot enough to wear it out. Did you have jamming problems with it?

Fori, now that I went looking, you're right--the electrics aren't that terribly much more expensive. Well, maybe half again as much, but at that price point, that's only about $12. I'd been thinking they were $75.

Arrow has one that uses T50 staples--the wide ones. That's one reason I thought I didn't want an electric.

And if the depth-of-drive control is any good, it would let me staple cords in place. Hmmm...


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I think the jamming problems are caused more by staple problems than the stapler itself. It seems if I use several---2 or more---sections of staples the jamming is increased.

Using a full length usually means no jams.

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I have the Senco pneumatic stapler. It's a great tool. It is far and away, the best little stapler out there.

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