Tube Key - Must Have for GE Silicone II Usage!

silvamaeOctober 30, 2009

This is the best thing since sliced bread! My daughter brought it home for me; it is a tool used by the beauty salon for getting hair color out of a tube! I am working on the large glass-on-glass outdoor totem and I used only about a fourth of the first tube of GE Silicone II and then it got too hard to squeeze out of the tube, so I cut the tube open and put all the silicone into a small glass jar with a tight fitting lid but it got solid and rubbery and had to be thrown away. This tool enables me to squeeze out a little at a time. It is wonderful. You can order one online at beauty supply places, just type in "tube key." They are very inexpensive.

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I've seen those keys, years ago. SILVA - you're spending more than necessary on the silicon. Buy a good caulking gun and buy the silicon for it in the long tubes. The silicon is $6.00, (one dollar less at Walmart) and lasts much longer, and it's less expensive that way - squeeze out a little on a plate or whatever, and spread it w/a small artist knife. Cap the tube and it lasts until it's empty. I tried the small tubes, and you're right - there is a lot of waste, and it's more expensive by the small tube.

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Thanks for the tip! I will buy the large tube next time.

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