Double Outlet Questions

grittymittsMay 20, 2010

Can someone please tell me why only top or bottom of a double outlet works?

...and bathroom ceiling light won't come on (yep, replaced bulbs)but wall outlet works fine.

Not anxious to pay electrician but will, of course if y'all recommend it.



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Outlets can be configured with one regular outlet and one on a switch. There is a tab on the side of an outlet between the screws that can be removed to have independent outlets in one double. Or it could have gone bad for some reason.

The wall outlet could be on a separate line or the lights could be coming off the outlet on the dead side. Replace the outlet.

Turning the power off and removing the outlet could answer some questions. To replace the outlet I would get a 20amp back and side wire receptacle. The wires slip behind a plate and then the screw is tightened to pull the plate and wire tight. A lot easier than trying to loop the wire around the screws and tighten. 3 to 5 bucks.

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