Bede Windows

kellykathNovember 28, 2009

Has anybody body used Bede Windows in your house? We are considering them vs. Milgard. Thanks

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I too would like to know if anyone has heard or have had any experience with these windows. I was just made aware of their products today and played around w/ their samples but just wondering on overall experience.

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In case anyone was interested in this company, being in Huntington Beach, I was able to go down to their local showroom in Oceanside, CA. The product looks great. Overall I was pretty impressed with the build of the windows. What impressed me the most was their ability to make vinyl windows look like the aluminum windows.

The framing around the glass was the same thickness so you could mix and match the windows in the house (not sure why someone would but you could for some cost savings).

The biggest concern for us at this time is the time frame for delivery. Since the product is shipped from China, it requires a few more weeks for delivery. But with the significant cost savings over other brands (not too many make tilt-turn) and how they have multi-point locking mechanisms on all of their windows, there's a high likelihood of us going with this brand.

I've seen a few homes in the harbor, multi-million dollar homes with this product installed and haven't heard any complaints. The other interesting part of these windows is the dry-glazing system. I'm not too familiar with how the install goes but they mentioned something about how the installer will use the glass to level the weight of the window and the frame can be installed w/ the glass removed.

The hardware all operated well. Their lift and slide patio door system seemed adequate as well. They have a 14ft opening, 8ft tall 2 panel lift and slide in their showroom. A little on the heavy side (1/4" - 3/16" glass).

I took some pictures while I was there. It looks like they're still finishing up their showroom

Here is a link that might be useful: Bede showroom (Oceanside)

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