Bathroom countertop WIP

foxroseflOctober 26, 2008

I am new to this forum. The members sound all very friendly and knowledgable so I'd like to join in. All critiques and comments will be appreciated.

I have done stained glass for 10 years now, self taught, have done flat panel and dimensional. I can draw a little so I do my own patterns. - We decided to spiff up the guest bath and I came up with doing a glass counter top. Have never done one before, and as usual jumped right in. Husband does woodwork, he'll do the base cabinet and the base for the mosaic. I have been doing research on adhesives and grouts etc, and found the most info right here. Thanks to all. Here is a scan of the finished paper design, I just completetd it today, with encouragement from Slowmedown (NOTHING slow about her!!)

Here is a link that might be useful: FrogBath Countertop

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OMG!!!! Wow!! I can't wait to see it come to life. It's gorgeous! And Welcome!

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OK so WOW WOW. But I don't think your guests would appreciate it as much as I would. Tee hee. Ok now hurry up so we can see the finished counter in place.

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Was too tired last evening to respond to your email. Am sooooo glad you've joined us. This is going to be spectacular. Wish I could do fine work such as this. LOVE the design, and forgot to ask about the pattern. WHAT TALENT - to be able to draw so well. I'm sure the finished project w/be mind boggling - just like BAMA's cat. I'm still breathless after looking at it. Welcome to a great forum. We'll be anxiously watching this project.

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Oh wow, it will be gorgeous. I love the turtle especially. Can't wait to see pictures as it progresses.

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OH MY!!! LOVELY!!! And Welcome to Our little corner of the web!!! I am looking forward to the work in progress pics of this! Jane

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WOW! I mean, WOW!!! I am so envious of your ability to draw out your's beautiful! Looking forward to seeing sure and post lots of WIP pics!

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Update: What a way to start the day!! I couldn't believe all your kind comments -- I live for oohs and aaahs, - heehee... -- Now I'm REALLY fired up. I went right to work. I was going to cut on the light box but the pattern is too big. I also prefer to cut with the pattern piece on top of the glass, have better control of color and grain and have the original pattern for layout. Sooo, today I hand-copied the whole thing and numbered both sheets (485 pc). Have started to cut with my foil sheers. I am working in "units" (for example, whole flower vs. individual petals). This way there is less cutting right now and nothing will get lost - I hope. The actual colors will be much stronger, I only use the colored pencils for a general idea. -- Should I post pix as I progress with cutting? - I am aiming for a small grout line, 1/8" at most, pref less. Will there be a problem with such a small grout line? --
I tend to be wordy, sorry about that -- if I get too long just let me know...

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Hey Fox. Welcome to you. I love your plans for the countertop, What a wonderful idea. I have done my backsplash in the kitchen, but never thought to do a countertop. I can't recommend an adhesive to you as I don't know what will work with the glass. If your glass is opaque, there is a great product at Home Depot called OMNIGRIP that is a premixed thinset and I love it, but I don't use it much as most of my stuff is for outdoors and I use plain old thinset mostly. The Omni would be good for what you plan on doing as your countertop will not be in the weather and subject to freeze/thaw conditions. I don't see a problem with the 1/8" grout lines either, just don't believe what you read about sanded /unsanded grout. I only use thinset or sanded grout for everything I do, glass included. The unsanded grout has no dimension and looks and feels like pablum. The sanded grout will not scratch your glass and you will be happier with it.
Guess I better close....I keep thinking of my countertops...hmmmmm..I truly don't need another project now, but Slow....maybe she can do the countertop in her bath to match the backsplash....I'll even draw it for her.LOL Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy it here.

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EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me, FLAG. Guess all the times you've been here you didn't notice the countertop!!!!!!!!!!!I did that first, girlie! I used thinset and for grout I used half thinset and half grout cuz I didn't have charcoal colorant at the time. Lordy, my friend, next time you come, visit my bathroom, or look in my album. FOX - you are a real perfectionist, I can see. THIS is gonna be a spectacular project to watch - Y.E.S. give us a play-by-play of your progress.

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The first and only time I saw your bathroom was about 2 years ago and it was plain. I remember the pics of the backsplash bu t not the countertop...XCUSE ME, next time I will go to the back bath so I can check it all
Anyway FOX, listen to Slow...if perchance she hasn't done it, she probably will in the next week or so the way she has been turning things out lately. LOL
Good luck with your countertop. I am sure it will be beautiful.

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Welcom Fox!, wow thats a great pattern you've designed. I cannot wait to see your progress!

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Wow! This countertop will be a true work of art. I can't wait to see it as you progress.

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Sounds AWESOME!!! Are You using opaque glass? We have been known to make our own Van Gogh glass here, painting on the back. It's fun too! I W.I.S.H. I could be patient enough to cut a pattern out!!! I just wing it and it shows!!! I always had the dream of going to that intensive course down in California at the Aanraku glass shop. I'd have to undo all my bad habits!lol!

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You are so talented! A pattern of that magnitude is way beyond me! really excited to see your play by plays on this.

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Beautiful countertop! Very artistic, you have a lot of talent there. Can I ask what type of board you are gluing the glass to? I'm new at this and would like to try something different. I've been doing stained glass for 7 years and thought something like this would be a challenge.

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This is a great project, and you can tell you've been doing SG because your cutting is wonderful. Can't wait to see the completed counter.

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I just keep coming back to this as I LOVE the colors you are using, such a great spectrum choice! I WISH I could draw a pattern like this! So much talent! WOW!

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What a great project this is going to be gorgeous,

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