Electrical wiring clearance

brintMay 29, 2010

I'm trying to determine whether I can run an existing wire over a new parallam beam. We are installing the beam to support overspaned floor joists below the living room of our 1908 house. Weyerhaeuser's iLevel specifications say that no holes may be drilled in a parallam that has a point load -- this beam will be inspected along with other permitted renovation in our home. There is a 3/4' space above the beam then 3/4" underlayment, 3/4" fir strip flooring, then oak strip flooring over that. This depth exceeds the NEC requirement, but is running a wire here allowed?

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Ron Natalie

You can fish the wire over the beam. I'm not sure what NEC requirement you're talking about.

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I'm talking about the 1-1/4" bore hole clearance from a framing member surface to help prevent nails and screws from penetrating the wire. The floor above the beam is almost 1-1/2" of wood, but does this satisfy the no conduit or no cover plate needed distance?

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Is 1-1/2 larger than 1-1/4?

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The actual clearance is from the face of the member and ONLY applies to cables running in bored holes, it is NOT a general clearance requirement.

If you have a gap between the top of the new beam you can run a cable in through the gap as long as you can fit the cable into the gap without tearing up the outside jacket.

A loose cable tends to move if hit by a nail or screw, unlike one in a tight bored hole that cannot move.

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Thanks for the clarification Brickeyee.

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